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Okuani Farms

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About Us

Okuani Farms is a venture that seeks to use AGRICULTURE to empower, encourage and enrich women and children in Ghana and Africa. Okuani Farms seeks to get women both educated and less privileged to dispel the perception that agriculture is a reserve for men and persons without formal education. Our mandate is to get women regardless of background trained to grow at least a plant for their personal consumption. Every home must have at least one edible plant growing, whether on land or in containers. Children must be taught Agriculture from infancy, it teaches them various traits of patience and draws them closer to nature. We are passionate about getting training centres to educate persons on not just growing for personal consumption, but also to make income out of it. And they can do this even if they have other professions.
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Contact Us

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Our address
5th Ave, NY, 10001, USA
Open hours
Daily 10:00 AM — 7:00 PM

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